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11 June 2008 @ 02:42 pm
Blog crew: Digimon Crests  

From the Digimon series, first introduced in the first season: Digimon Adventure. Crests are "symbols" of traits that each "DigiDestined" show and portray throughout the story. There are 9 of them in total~. If you want to learn a bit more about them, I suggest going here.

I feel all nostalgic now. Childhood memories anyone?? :D

DigiDestined time??? Y/Y?

➾ Anyone can join! As long as you have an active journal. Activity = LOVE.
➾ You can only choose one crest.
➾ Feel free to change your crest! I won't get mad :)
➾ It doesn't matter how many people claim a crest.
PLEASE Do NOT steal the images! I made them out of scratch, so they're like my babies ;3 You can use for personal uses, but claiming them as "your own" is not allowed. <3 Thank you~
➾ Yes, you can edit the codes to your tastes. Just keep it essentially the same, and link back!


Code for Crest of Courage:

Code for Crest of Friendship:

Code for Crest of Love:

Code for Crest of Sincerity* :

Code for Crest of Knowledge:

Code for Crest of Reliability:

Code for Crest of Hope:

Code for Crest of Light:

Code for Crest of Kindness:

NOTE: For Crest of Sincerity, the japanese version is "Crest of Purity." It's your choice to change it or leave as it is. :D

Added Crest of Kindness! Because I felt guilty for it being called "Digimon Crests Blog Crew" without having all the crests~ Enjoy! :D

The DigiDestined Crew
Owners of the Crest of Courage:
- chocobit
- shadowbankotsu
- kinnaree
- alequinn_sedai
- repeats
- liants48

Owners of the Crest of Friendship:
- lykoi
- nazurahchan
- xtiggzie
- initials
- deidarakun
- cnyll
- arcticponkey
- magnetotaxis
- demilocke
- haizul
- aikyuu
- thenurse

Owners of the Crest of Love:
- tehseto
- darkalessa
- icysnowdrop
- aibachyderu
- vanilla_choke
- facadetragedy
- xholysong
- palladium

Owners of the Crest of Sincerity/Purity:
- amari_sakura
- reiko_amakusa
- candy_bride
- lazuli_reikou
- shinneth
- ladyofcarribean
- sentimentalover
- windelle

Owners of the Crest of Reliability:
- i_catch_a_cold
- atsuka_chan
- doclingof_faith
- clymnestra

Owners of the Crest of Knowledge:
- ecto_gammat
- irish_pylon
- box_of_doom
- 3point14napple
- leap4detonation
- eatyouramen
- veresade
- lugia
- rinmei
- lunamarie

Owners of the Crest of Hope:
- tortoises
- solar_panda
- orangeinsummer
- opus
- degreve
- advancing
- phoenix_wings07
- ilcocoabean

Owners of the Crest of Light:
- springwinds
- gakupoid
- princess
- harumonia
- pink_for_flower
- ekcaie
- chiysana
- haruharusaku
- recollecting
- ashike

Owners of the Crest of Kindness:
- celesia
- spurnedambition
- wildicycomet
- candy_fruit
- toukohater
- takanori_lover
- bryzee
- godlessmachine